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Lovibond Edible Oil Color Measurement Webinar With Dr Peter Clark on the 27th of April, 2021! REGISTER NOW!

Color measurement of edible oils and fats aren't just helpful for maintaining aesthetic qualities. Measuring color in edible oils and fats can also help optimize various production and refining processes to help avoid costly misunderstandings. 

In a new world where quality and safety is being redefined, Lovibond Tintometer along with Dr. Peter Clark are here to help aid understanding of selecting and communicating the correct color scale. While many scales may SEEM similar there are some critical differences to be noted. CLICK HERE to register today and understand as well as help your business find the right way for sample preparation and sell path length choice when measuring edible oil color. 

If you can't make the event, that's okay! Just be sure to register, and you'll receive a recording of the webinar straight delivered straight to your inbox along with a copy of the Lovibond® Edible Oil Methods Book.