Product Details


Product Code #A3UJ-309

Code #KMCM36A

Model No # CM-3610A


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Product Overview

The CM-3610A is a highly precise and reliable spectrophotometer that measures color quickly in any application. The vertical configuration is ideal for textile, paper and non-contact measurements such as powders and pigments. Utilizing Konica Minolta patented Numerical Gloss Control (NGC) system, the CM-3610A can handle simultaneous measurements of specular components included (SCI) and excluded (SCE). The patented Numerical UV Control (NUVC) method used by CM-3610A enables accurate measurement of samples such as cloth and paper that contain optical brighteners (OBA).


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Whats Included?

  • Instrument
  • IF-A21 USB Cable (3m)
  • CM-A215 Accessory Case
  • CM-A118 Dust Cover
  • CM-A139 White Calibration Plate
  • CM-A105 Target Mask (25.4mm)
  • CM-A106 Target Mask (8mm)
  • CM-A107 Target Mask (4mm)
  • CM-A119 Zero Calibration Box
  • AC-Adapter AC-A308.