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Luminance and Color Meter

Product Code #1892-162

Code #KMCS200

Model No # CS-200


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Product Overview

You can measure luminance and chromaticity of light sources with a great deal of accuracy using the CS-200 luminance and color meter. Low in price, the CS-200 luminance and color meter features an updated auto mode. This mode is used to determine the speed of measurements in accordance with of the luminance of the light source you want to measure. As an added benefit, the CS-200 luminance and color meter has the capacity to measure any type of light source. You can also measure any light source over a broad spectrum of luminance levels, including levels that range from 0.01 cd/m2 to 20,000,000 cd/m2. Based on the application, you have the capacity with the CS-200 to select angles of 1°, 0.2°, or 0.1°.


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Whats Included?

  • Instrument
  • CD for Data management software CS-S10W V1.7
  • CS-A24 Holding cap
  • IF-A33 USB Cable (2m)
  • AC-A305 AC-Adapter
  • AC Cable (UK type)
  • ND Eyepiece Filter
  • Lens Cap 40.5mm.