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Product Code #A0E8-259

Code #KMCM700

Model No # CM-600d


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Product Overview

The CM-600d handheld spectrophotometer is an easy-to-use color measuring instrument with a fixed aperture setting (MAV: F8 mm/F11 mm). Users can also reproduce measured colors as color patches on the screen, useful for searching for colors and checking the level of color difference. The CM-600d Spectrophotometer displays multiple views of data results which can be edited due to SpectraMagic NX software compatibility.


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Whats Included?

  • Instrument
  • CR-A73 Wrist Strap
  • IF-A36 USB Cable (2m)
  • CM-A177 White Calibration Cap
  • CM-A178 Target Mask 8mm (w/ Plate)
  • CM-A180 Target Mask 8mm (w/o Plate)
  • AC-A305 AC-Adapter.