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2D Color Analyzer

Product Code #A6DJ-219

Code #KM2DCA

Model No # CA-2500S


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Product Overview

The CA-2500 is an ideal instrument for evaluating luminance and chromaticity mura (non-uniformity) of a variety of display devices, such as LCD and OLED displays, and other light emitting devices such as automobile instrument panels and illuminated keypads. Unlike conventional imaging colorimeters that use RGB color separation filters, the CA-2500 uses XYZ filters that closely match the CIE 1931 color matching functions. This provides luminance and chromaticity measurements that correlate well with human eye sensitivity. The CA-2500 2D Color Analyzer now comes with an improved minimum measurable luminance range (0.05 cd/m²) and is more durable, with service life measurement cycles of approximately 5 times that of the predecessor model. Furthermore, the new Data Management Software CA-S25w (included as a standard accessory of CA-2500) provides simple measurements. CA-2500S is the version with standard lens.


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Whats Included?

  • Instrument
  • 2D Color-Analyzer CA-2500S Body
  • Lens Cap 40.5mm
  • Standard lens
  • USB cable IF-A18 (3 meter)
  • AC-A312 AC Adapter incl. AC Cable 1892-756
  • Software CA-S25w
  • Lens hood CA-A68 (Standard/Tele)
  • Hood cap CA-A71