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RSO Rheometer

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Model No # RSO


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Product Overview

The Quick Test functionality of the Brookfield RSO Rheometer allows testing within minutes. The RSO Stand-alone mode with easy-to-use interface makes it simple for QC Users, it can also help in Viscoelastic measurements by providing R&D users with advanced testing capabilities. RSO Flexibility allows cone/plate and concentric cylinder in a single instrument. Min Torque - 5μNm, Max Torque - 100mNm, Resolution of Torque - 0.02μNm. Min speed - 0.001rpm, Max speed - 1500rpm.


Whats Included?

  • Instrument with Peltier temperature control for sample plate
  • Convenience Package - which includes cleaning cloth and screen protector
  • Air Filtration System is added to all orders unless specifically removed


Depending on testing standard the standard and optional accessories can be suggested. Price on request.