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Gel Timer DV2T Viscometer

Product Code #XDV2TLVTJG0B00

Code #LVGT

Model No # LVDV2T


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Product Overview

The most popular Brookfield viscometer now measures gel time using unique magnetic coupling that attaches the glass rod to instrument. When gel time is reached, display shows both gel time and equivalent viscosity value. Accuracy and reliability of Gel Timer DV2T make this instrument the preferred choice in QC for measuring gel coats, resins, and potting compounds. VISCOSITY cP (mPa·s) Min. - 1†, VISCOSITY cP (mPa·s) Max. - 2M. RPM - 0.3-100, Number of Increments - 18. SPRING TORQUE (Dyne-cm) - 673.7, SPRING TORQUE (Milli Newton-m) - 0.0673


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Whats Included?

  • Instrument
  • Magnetic Coupling and Glass Rod
  • Lab Stand with stop
  • Temperature Probe


Recommended: DV2TRV Viscometer. Options: DVNext or DV1M. Ball bearing and Magnetic Coupling version also available. (Not in LV)