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DVE Low Cost Digital Viscometer

Product Code #XDVEEHBTJ00B00


Model No # HBDVE


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Product Overview

DVE Viscometer combines ease of operation with traditional Brookfield excellence to produce accurate laboratory viscosity measurements. DVE’s easy-to-use interface allows you to change test parameters easily. The digital display ensures accurate readout of test results for simultaneous measurement of viscosity and torque. VISCOSITY cP (mPa.s) Min. - 800††, VISCOSITY cP (mPa.s) Max. - 104M. RPM - 0.3-100, Number of Increments - 18. SPRING TORQUE in Dyne-cm - 57496.0, SPRING TORQUE in Milli Newton-m - 5.7496


Whats Included?

  • Instrument
  • Lab Stand (Model A)
  • Four Spindles (LV) or Six Spindles (RV/HA/HB)
  • Guard Leg*
  • Power Cord
  • Carrying Case
  • *Not for HA and HB version


All standard RV HA or HB torque Brookfield Viscometers/Rheometers are supplied with a standard spindle set (RV-2 through RV-7) constructed of #302 stainless steel. Additional spindle options are available in #316 stainless steel or Teflon coating for increased corrosion resistance. Small Sample Adapter comes with Choice of one SC4 Spindle and Choice of one SC4 Sample Chamber for Small Sample Adapter depending on Sample Volume and Shear Rate required. Visit: (SSA18/13R). Additional SSA Spindles also available with respect to various viscosity ranges and models. Additional Sample Chambers available with Temperature Probe. Thermosel Heater comes with Choice of one SC4 Spindle and additional Disposable chambers.