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Legionella Test Kit

Product Code #56K000701

Code #LLTK

Model No # Legionella L8 Test Kit (weekly)


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Product Overview

Legionella is the causative agent of Legionnaire’s disease, a potentially fatal form of pneumonia. Guidelines exist across the world for the control of Legionella. Bromine T 0 - 5 mg/l Br2 Chlorine HR T 0 - 4 mg/l Cl2 Conductivity 0 - 20 mS/cm Dipslides pH 4.5 - 10 pH


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Whats Included?

  • Bromine CHECKIT® Comparator Test
  • Dipslide - TTC/TTC
  • pH Test Strips
  • SD 70 Hand-held
  • Conductivity & Temperature Meter



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