Product Details


Product Code #1869-439

Code #KMCM3630

Model No # CM-3630


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Product Overview

CM-3630 vertically-designed bench top spectrophotometer measures brightness,opacity, fluorescence, color, whiteness, and tint and is ideal for the paper,pulp, and cellulose industries. With the designated software PaperControl, brightness, whiteness and yellowness indices are calculated and displayed in full accordance with several international and national standards such as ISO, SCAN, DIN, TAPPI,CPPA and AFNOR.


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Whats Included?

  • Instrument
  • IF-A12 RS-232c Cable (for IBM PC/AT) 2m
  • CM-A117 Accessory Case
  • CM-A118 Dust Cover
  • CM-A108 Unit Driver
  • CM-A119 Zero Calibration Box
  • CM-A133 White Calibration Plate
  • AC-A311 AC-Adapter see 1864-739.