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CAP2000 Viscometer

Product Code #CAP2PL230

Code #LVC2V

Model No # CAP2000L


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Product Overview

Brookfield's CAP-2000+ offers expanded temperature and viscosity ranges with variable speed capability. The CAP2000+ also offers lower shear rates, making it suitable for many applications where small sample volume and good temperature control are necessary. And the rugged, easy-to-use design make it perfect in environments where other instruments won't last. Viscosity: 0.2 - 15,000 Poise, Shear Rate: 10 - 13,000 sec-1. Low torque version.


Whats Included?

  • Instrument
  • Choice of Torque Range - Standard Torque (ICI Specification) 181000 dyne· cm
  • Choice of One Cone Spindle
  • Choice of Temperature Control (L or H)


CAP Viscometer requires atleast one cone spindle to operate. Low Torque version (7970 dyne· cm) is also available for CAP2000L and CAP2000H.