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Model Fx Color Measuring Instrument for Oils and Fats

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Model No # Model Fx


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Product Overview

The Lovibond® Model Fx solves the problem of measuring the colour of edible oils with its unique ability to not only keep the oil at a constant temperature but also to measure and report on the temperature of the sample, avoiding any misreading from crystallisation. You can now measure edible oils in their natural and correct state without any risk of the sample’s temperature affecting the results. The Model Fx measures according to the following standards: Lovibond® RYBN, Lovibond RY10:1, AOCS RY, Chlorophyll & b-Carotene

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Whats Included?

  • Model Fx instrument
  • External power supply
  • Set of 3 power leads (UK/ European and United States)
  • Quick start guide (hard copy)
  • USB memory stick (containing the manuals)
  • Certificate of conformity
  • Conformance filter
  • W600/B/1” cell (Borosilicate and 1" path length)
  • W600/B/5¼” cell (Borosilicate and 5¼” path length)