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Product Code #1856-139

Code #KMCM200d

Model No # CM-2600d


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Product Overview

Konica Minolta’s CM-2600d spectrophotometer is designed to measure SCI and SCE numerical gloss control simultaneously. This light, handheld instrument is the first of its kind in the world that brings significantly lower measurement and calibration procedure time through its patented numerical UV control. This advanced unit includes a changeable aperture that can be set to between 8mm and 3mm, depending on the object of measurement’s size. The CM-2600d spectrophotometer features Konica Minolta’s patented InnovativeOptical System. In any quality control application, it meets the most stringent color measurement standards.


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Whats Included?

  • Intrument
  • CM-A145 White Calibration Plate (with Data)
  • CM-A146 Target Mask 8mm
  • CM-A147 Target Mask 3mm
  • IF-A24 USB Serial Converter Cable for CM-2x00 portable
  • AA-Size Battery (2 pcs)
  • AC-A305 AC-Adapter.