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Chroma Meter Coffee Package

Product Code #B027055

Code #KMCR400

Model No # CR-410 Coffee


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Product Overview

The CR-410C coffee colorimeter measures the color of coffee easily and accurately. It can perform these measurements on a wide variety of coffee: whole green beans, roasted beans, and roasted coffee. The CR-410C is an affordable and portable option. The CR-410C uses the SCAA specialty coffee index to calculate the color, roasted level (light, medium, medium-dark, dark), the difference from a standard, and pass/fail information. Additionally, it includes our Food Color Indexing Technology (FCIT).


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Whats Included?

  • Instrument
  • CR-A44 White Calibration Plate
  • CR-A73 Wrist Strap
  • DP-400 Data Processor
  • CR-A101 RS-232C Cable (Head - DP)
  • CR-A104 Protection cap 50mm
  • AC-A305 AC-Adapter
  • CR-S4w Utility Software V1.4
  • CR-A103 Hard case
  • CR-A105 USB Converter Cable (from Versions 04-2018)
  • 3 Cup Holder SET for CR-410C
  • incl. 3 Cups.