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MD600 Lab Photometer

Product Code #214020

Code #LM6D

Model No # MD600


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Product Overview

The MD 600 multi-parameter photometer is pre-programmed with over 120 water testing parameters and ranges. Featuring a rugged, waterproof design, this instrument is the ideal testing solution for a variety of applications and industries.


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Whats Included?

  • In case
  • 4 Batteries (AA)
  • 3 Vials 24 mm ø
  • 3 Vials 16 mm ø
  • 1 Adapter each (16 mm and 13 mm cuvettes)
  • Plastic stirring rod 13 cm
  • Brush 11 cm
  • Screw driver
  • Instruction manual
  • Certificate
  • Warranty information
  • Without reagents
  • Please name the required reagent set or parameter in your order


Additional Reagents and Standards are available.


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