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COD Set-Up

Product Code #2892602

Code #LCOD2

Model No # COD Set-Up MD 200


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Product Overview

The Lovibond® COD Setups allow highly sensitive and precise water testing with minimum effort. They measure the ST-COD concentration by photometric detection employing a linear relationship between absorbance and concentration. After adding the sample to a Lovibond® COD tube test (LR, MR according to ISO 15705:2002), it is heated in the reactor for two hours at 150 °C and then analysed in the photometer. COD HR TT 200 - 15000 mg/l CODb) COD LMR TT 15 - 300 mg/l CODb) COD LR TT 3 - 150 mg/l CODb) COD MR TT 20 - 1500 mg/l CODb)


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Whats Included?

  • Photometer
  • COD Reactor RD 125
  • COD tube tests (0 - 150 mg/l and 0 - 1500 mg/l)
  • Tube stand
  • Instruction manual
  • Warranty information


Additional Reagents and Standards are available.


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